Evan Lindquist

First Artist Laureate, 2013-2017,
for the State of Arkansas


Evan Lindquist artist-printmaker, Energy, copperplate engraving

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Legacy: Evan Lindquist
16 pages
Essay, "Man with a Burin"
by Judith K. Brodsky,
Founder of Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions at Rutgers University.
Introduction by Les Christensen.



A native of Kansas, Evan Lindquist earned the Master of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking, 1963, at University of Iowa in Iowa City, studying with artist-printmaker Mauricio Lasansky.

He was employed as Staff Artist at Emporia State University (1958-1960) after earning the Bachelor of Science in Education degree with majors in Art and Biology.

He was Professor of Art, teaching printmaking and drawing at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro for forty years, 1963-2003.

In 2003, he retired from teaching to work full time as Artist-Printmaker.
Recognized as Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Art, Arkansas State University.

2003 - present: Full-time artist in private studio, Jonesboro, Arkansas.

2013: Appointed to be the first Artist Laureate for the State of Arkansas, 2013-2017.
2010:  Lifetime Achievement Award, conferred by The Society of American Graphic Artists (SAGA)
2010:  Centennial list of 100 Most Distinguished Faculty Members at Arkansas State University from 1909 to 2009
2009: Profiled, 100 Years 100 Voices, 1909-2009. Arkansas State University.
2004: Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award conferred by the Arkansas Arts Council
2004: Distinguished Alumni Award, Emporia State University
1981: Outstanding Faculty Member, awarded by ASU 
1981: First Chairman of the President’s Fellows, awarded by ASU

His original prints may be seen in many public collections in United States and other countries (see a list of selected institutions here).
More than 60 solo exhibitions.
More than 80 awards in about 300 competitive exhibitions.

Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Online Biographies

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"Evan Lindquist: The Artist, His Process and Influence".
by Charles Kaufman.
Society of American Graphic Artists (SAGA).
Evan Lindquist, article by Charles Kaufman

The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture.

Evan Lindquist

by Scott Ponemone
for Baltimore Museum of Art
ART I SEE blog, "Evan Lindquist: An Engravers Engraver"

Prints, Drawings, and Photographs Society, (cover and short version). Pages 14-19 of the original 32 pages.
Evan Lindquist: An Engravers Engraver

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An Artist's Statement

Throughout the 1950s, I enjoyed working as a calligrapher.

In 1955, I began learning to engrave lines into copper plates, a medium which I use for Printmaking. I've concentrated on that medium for more than 50 years.

Copperplate engraving was invented about 600 years ago and has been known under many different names, including "burin engraving", "line engraving", and just plain "engraving". It has also been confused with "etching" and "drypoint" which are similar in some respects. At one time copperplate engraving was known as the most important of the commercial printing processes, but by the 1950s, it was largely forgotten, misunderstood, and often dismissed as "a lost art".

Copperplate engraving is my medium of choice.

Artist's Résumé

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Evan Lindquist Master Printmaker, opening reception at The Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, September 27 - November 10, 2002 Opening reception, The Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock. September 27 - November 10, 2002

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