"Toward Brighter Days",
Burin engraving for 2020.

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"Thought" (detail),

engraving 1970


©Evan Lindquist


Evan Lindquist

First Artist Laureate
for the State of Arkansas

Most of Evan Lindquist's prints are engravings, developed from his own original ideas and designs. Using a traditional engraver's burin, he hand-engraves his ideas onto copper plates. He prints the plates in the traditional process of intaglio printing.

Lindquist works in his private studio (see photos below) in Jonesboro, Arkansas. He taught art, printmaking and drawing at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro for forty years and retired from teaching in 2003.

Honors include:
First Artist Laureate for The State of Arkansas.
Lifetime Achievement Award
, The Society of American Graphic Artists (SAGA), 2010.
Arkansas Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award, 2004.
Emporia State University's Distinguished Alumni Award, 2004.
Centennial list, 100 most distinguished faculty, ASU, 1909 - 2009.
100 Years 100 Voices, 100 most significant personalities during first century of Arkansas State University's existence.
Outstanding Faculty Member award, Arkansas State University, 1981.
First Chairman of the President’s Fellows, Arkansas State University, 1981.

Original prints may be seen in many public collections in the United States and other countries. More than 60 solo exhibitions. More than 80 awards in over 300 competitive exhibitions.

The Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, maintains a traveling exhibition of Lindquist prints available for loan to arts organizations, colleges, universities, libraries, schools, banks, and businesses.

He has explored diverse and creative kinds of content, including String Theories, Labyrinths, Academe, Portraits, Documents, Visions, and other themes. [Click here to see the prints] Various works have been described by authors as examples of Satire, Analytical, Metaphysical, and "metaphors of the mind".

His process of copper plate engraving derives from ancient techniques used by goldsmiths, armor makers, and artist-printmakers. A few of the celebrated old-master artist-printmakers who used this creative process include Mauricio Lasansky (his teacher), Gabor Peterdi, S.W. Hayter, Albrecht Dürer, Lucas van Leyden, Claude Mellan, William Hogarth, William Blake, Rembrandt, Master of the Playing Cards, Martin Schöngauer, and many others.


Evan Lindquist, Artist Laureate for the State of Arkansas, award 2013
Lifetime Achievement Award, Society of American Graphic Artists, awarded to Evan Lindquist, 2010
Governor's Lifetime Achievement Award, awarded to Evan Lindquist, 2004, by the Arkansas Arts Council
Arkansas State University, Distinguished Award for the First 100 Years, awarded to Evan Lindquist artist-printmaker, 2010
Emporia State University Distinguished Alumni Award presented to Evan Lindquist artist-printmaker, 2004
(Above) Evan Lindquist printmaking studio, constructed 1982-3
(Below) printing an engraving in the studio
Evan Lindquist in his studio, 12/9/2016